Floating docks are dynamic by nature and are subjected to continuous movement from wave or boat wake action. In addition to this the structures are also subject to the winter elements and shifting ice can cause severe damage. For peace of mind and to provide insurance companies with a report as a measure of due diligence we offer complete inspection services. A thorough floating dock inspection requires the removal of decking over connection points, anchor mooring points and areas where there may be structural fatigue. In water inspections just below the surface will reveal corrosion levels of floatation chambers and structural components, mooring chains and fasteners holding connections together.

Inspections include:

  • Skirt Boards and Decking
  • Connections that are bolted or hinged
  • Anchor chain attachment points
  • Anchor chain integrity
  • Damage to structures due to ice or severe storm activity
  • Ramp connections to both shore and dock
  • Ramp structure
  • Water and Electrical lines – wear from movement
  • Cleat or Bollard integrity
  • Dock alignment and mooring tension

Inspection of the mooring chain & blocks require underwater diver work and can be arranged if we feel that the integrity of the chain to mooring block hook is less than satisfactory.

The inspection will produce a report that will detail the condition of the dock system. Any findings that require re-work or maintenance will be detailed in priority.

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