If you are contemplating the replacement of your dock system due to worn connections, broken or decaying deck surfaces, leaking steel tubes then consider restoring your system as an economical option. It is possible to extend the serviceability of your docks by up to 15 years or more and at much lower cost to replacement. Steel tube dock systems generally have a life expectancy of 25 – 35 years depending on any variables such as water quality, electrolysis, exposure to elements and coating integrity.

If the floatation has been compromised in one or more tubes then it is likely that more will fail soon after. Repairs to a corroded structure is difficult and expensive and replacement even more so. In many cases replacement will require upgrades to the current electrical and plumbing codes resulting in even higher costs. More often than not the structure itself is still intact with regard to deck support and connections. Floatation Canada Inc. has a solution that is economical and will provide many additional years of service without jeopardizing the structural integrity of the dock system. We can install a PVC inflatable tube liner into the pipe that will displace the water resulting in full floatation capacity. One or more liners would be installed depending on the length of the structure. Once the tube liner is installed a cover is then installed over the access revealing only the valve so that a periodic inspection can be conducted. Floatation Canada Inc. offers a one year warranty on this system along with an inspection that would be conducted after one season. Have us come to visit your site and assess your needs.

Along with restoring dock tubes we can also offer the service of re-decking and re-skirt boarding your docks to the appearance of a new system. We have the ability to restore or replace worn out hinge connections, mooring chains and anchors as well.

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